Small Group Coaching
Designed to support up to six people in taking the first steps in embracing a fit and healthy lifestyle. During this 6-week program participants will focus on retraining their mind, body, and spirit.

Program Details
MahlstedtMotivation will foster an environment of support and positivity while guiding clients through weekly assignments focused on healthy eating, exercise, and self-care.​

The flat rate of this program will be divided amongst its participants. Therefore, the pricing per individual will vary based on the size of the group, starting at as little as $300 per person.

2017 RATE: $1800 

Individual Coaching
Designed for individuals who are ready to dive deep and create the life of their dreams. During this 6-week program, we'll work together to set goals, create a plan, and overcome obstacles in order to break through old patterns and help you become the very best version of YOU.

Program Details
Individual coaching programs leverage the  following tools and resources to help you achieve your goals:
  • Weekly accountability calls
  • Meal planning and nutrition support
  • Customized exercise routines

Payment plans are available for this program, giving you the opportunity make an initial payment of $500, with weekly payments of $100 for the balance of the program, or pay the full amount up-front to receive a 10% discount.

2017 RATE: $1000
($900 if paid in full prior to your program start date.)

Health & Nutrition Support
MahlstedtMotivation proudly uses Nutritional Cleansing products that support your transition to a new and healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve the best results possible and shift your thinking you must have the energy and strength, to dissipate triggers like stress and anxiety. Products available focus on but are not limited to:
  • Brain & Body Balancing
  • Energy & Performance
  • Anti-Aging
  • Digestive Health
  • Nutritional Cleansing
  • Sleep & Restorative Health
  • Lean Muscle Building

Feel free to participate in our Health & Nutrition Assesment risk free to better understand how Nutritional Cleansing can support your journey.​
Health & Nutrition Assessment